Bailey is a Chocolate Burmese Cat

Though we are sure he thinks he’s more dog than cat hence we call him our “Cat Dog”. He has a large personality, opinions and is very well versed in the art of manipulation. Bailey is an indoor cat and travels between Sydney and Ashtonfield, where he owns both houses.

Bailey loves to be with people, he isn’t always necessarily in your face, but when the mood takes him he will quite often head butt the person of choice. He loves to follow us from window to window when we are outside, just to keep an eye on what we are up to. If he thinks we have ignored him for too long he is quite happy to talk to you through the window or door.

He is fast to greet you at the door when you arrive home. If he isn’t waiting at the door as it opens, he’s sure to be not too far away and we often hear him galloping up the hallway to meet us. Once he arrives at our feet, he usually flops down with his tummy in the air.

Not happy to have a normal bed, Bailey has his own double bed for the occasions when he requires a little quiet time. At other times he can be found either in/on the main bed when people are there.

Having a mind of his own, Bailey does his own thing, this includes jumping on benches, over furniture, sitting on the highest piece of furniture in a room. Bailey’s latest hobby is dressage. He has developed an interest in sitting and watching dressage on the TV. Thankfully he has a good eye for a horse. (See Video below)

Being a cat who frequently travels the F3 freeway. He is very demanding around lunch time with the prospect of a possible visit to McDonalds at Pennant Hills. He can be asleep, wake up as you turn off Pennant Hills Road, Fairly vocal by the time you get to the order window and by the time you get to the window to pick up your food he will be looking through the bars of his travel cage screaming at the people in the window. He does not quieten until I start feeding him chips. The only way to convince him they are finished is to show him the empty packet. BTW, according to Bailey, McDonald’s chippies are nicer than Kentucky ones.

Bailey’s best friend is Mini a minature foxy x jack russell. Mini and Bailey wrestle, race, tackle and sleep together. When Mini is playing catch, Bailey can quiet often be found lurking on the side lines until the ball lands or fly’s past him. He then pounces on it, ready for Mini to retrieve. Play time for Mini and Bailey is lovely to watch.