Brighton Park Crispin

Brighton Park Crispin, born 14th November 2005 by APH Spiegel. Crispy was born talking, as soon as the bag was broken he was whinnying and he hasn’t stopped talking since. He has an opinion on everything and expects everyone to consult with him.

Crispy is always ready for a game. He loves his witches hats and balls. He loves to run the fence line with my niece Em. Their after school game is to run the fences together and hang over the gate to each other for a kiss. I am forever refilling his water drum after he tips it over when making waves in it with his legs.  He also loves a massage and like his mum is not backward in telling you exactly where he wants you to work.

He loves to welcome cars and trucks as they drive up the drive, I’m sure, he thinks the world revolves around him. He knows the sound of my car and waits eagerly for his stick of liquorice and pat on the nose as he hangs in the window on my trips up and down the driveway.

Crispy is being trained using the old fashioned classical methods. He typically is not an easy horse and is here to test me in so many ways and I have so many lessons to learn from him. It’s still only early days with our riding, but he has the most beautiful buttery mouth and when the forward button is engaged, the best horse I have ever ridden. I look forward to our many adventures to come.

Update 2017 -  Crispy is the most challenging horse EVER!!  He is someone only his mother could love and when he is obliging the best ride ever.  Every day is different.  In 2016 he decided that he LOVES to jump and I now have a friend who jumps him for me as I am a chicken.  His dressage work is coming along with much thanks to Libby Sauer who is the first person to actually “get” him.  Our progress has been amazing under her guidance.  Last weekend we ticked an item off our bucket list with a visit to the beach.  There are many many more adventures to come with this quirky horse.