Delta is a brown Kelpie X

I purchased her as a puppy from a rescue shelter, how anyone could dump such a lovely person is beyond me.

Dellie is one of those fur people who has unlimited unconditional love to give. She loves nothing more than to be a lap dog and gets upset when you try to explain to her that she is too big and heavy to sit on your lap for too long. She really isn’t a lady, when asleep on her beanbag she quite often lays on her bag with her 4 legs in the air.

Dellie loves to assist me in feeding the horses and if they do anything wrong, she is quick to chastise them. Lol this includes her sitting outside the fence when I lunge Crispy and barking at him. The working dog instinct is alive and well with Dellie.

“Don’t worry be happy” would have to be the mantra for Dellie. If I am upset (especially when Blazer passed) and she senses me crying, she races over to assure me all is ok and give me love. She’s also proven to be a good protector, god help anyone who happens to raise their voice at me or look threatening, she will quickly move to protector mode.

Dellie is friends with everyone both human and animal.