Silver & Meow

Silver and Meow collectively known as “The Ferals”.  Are literally that, 
feral cats who decided they would like to be domesticated… to an extent!!

Meow started it by making friends when we were outside and then before we knew it she was asking to come inside, by standing at the back door with her beautiful little face looking in. Meow has short stumpy legs which only add to her cuteness.  As her name suggests she is very talkative. When outside, she will come running to you saying “meow, meow, meow”, then she’ll promptly roll over and have a dirt bath.

The ultimate scaredy cat, Meow is always around when it is just the family at home and a few select people. Other than that, she will hide out of sight until the coast is clear. Food is her favourite fair, Meow is always first in for breakfast and dinner – and any other time she can suck someone into giving her bickies. She loves to lay on the floor of whichever room you are in just “being” with you.

Silver is a different cat again to Meow.  She is very sleek, stylish and to an extent a free spirit. Whereas Meow will stay within sight of the back door, Silver does go exploring. However saying this, Silver NEVER misses a feed time for the horses and is my foreman when out doing anything with them. She’s the silent figure in the background keeping an eye on what you are doing and how you are doing it. She runs after the wheelbarrow with her best friend Delta each feed time.

Silly likes to spend time in the office with us and can quite often be found on my desk or on an office chair. Her favourite position is on her back with her feet up in the air. She and Meow take turns at sitting in a pot plant at the back door where they can see into the kitchen without actually being inside.

Meow prefers to be with her human family with an occasional play with Bailey. Silver on the other hand loves her humans and tells us all the time by wrapping herself around our legs or in my case sitting on my lap. But her all time favourite person is Delta Dog, I never get tired of watching the relationship these two have.