Meet my Fur Family

My fur family consists of 3 horses, Corry, Crispin and Blossom, Delta Dog the Kelpie X, Silver – the adopted feral, 2 cat dog burmese – Bailey the Chocolate Burmese who owns the house and all in it and Trinnie the Cream who is a character and like no other burmese I have ever been owned by.

I have had horses for the majority of my life. As a 12yr old I was finally able to convince (or should I say wear down) my non horsey parents into buying me a horse. My first horse was a 3mth old Australian Studbook Pony Colt – Blazer who I loved until his death at the age of 33.

  • Corry – Brighton Park Corinne
  • Crispin – Brighton Park Crispin
  • Blazer – The Bestest Pony Ever
  • BlossomBriannahi
  • Delta – Dog
  • Silver – The Feral
  • Bailey – the boss aka Cat Dog
  • Trinnie – The Cream Madam