Does my Equine Friend require a Massage?

YES! Massage will benefit not only the performance horse but also the pony clubber, pleasure, working, endurance or aged horse.

You make certain that your horse receives the appropriate training and conditioning, proper nutrition, shoeing, saddle fit and dental care to ensure he/she is able to perform in your chosen discipline. Equine Massage is also an important link to the final outcome, it assists in enhancing optimum health and performance and should be viewed to be of equal importance on the path to your goal.

Are you aware that most training and behavioural issues are due to pain or discomfort. Pain is a leading cause of anxiety, which leads to muscle tension. Muscle tension in turn then leads to performance deficit.

Massage is invaluable in muscle injury recovery, it increases flexibility and reduces physical and mental stress. Joint problems, torn or over extended ligaments and muscles, injury and surgery are some of the more common ailments, which benefit from massage.

If you answer yes to any of the following then your horse will appreciate a massage!

  • Change in ridden behaviour
  • Onset of Head tossing
  • Onset of Kicking
  • Difficulty with lateral movements or taking the correct canter lead
  • Onset of Girthiness
  • Choppy/uneven gait
  • Increased workload
  • Ill Fitting saddle, incorrect foot care issues
  • A fall be it in the paddock, float or in training
  • Is your horse in regular work