What is Equine Massage?

Equine Massage, Equine Body Work or Equine Massage Therapy is a hand’s on muscular therapy, which uses specific strokes and stretches to assist in obtaining maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain.

It assists in preparing the horse for competition by protecting and restoring muscles before and after events or activities.  It also assists with rehabilitation following injury.

Equine Massage is not a new concept.  It is a practice, which has been in existence since early Roman times.  Unfortunately, with increased veterinary knowledge this, vital hands on approach lost favour. Thankfully, people are again realising the healing benefits of our hands.

The early Romans and Chinese understood that massage contributed to their animals overall health. Holistic wellness was central to their system of health care and great value was placed on the animals they used on the farm or to defend their land.

Why Equine Massage?

Many elite human athletes consider sports massage an essential part of their training and recovery routine. These athletes report that a sports massage assists them train more effectively, improve performance, prevent injury, and recover quicker.

The equine athlete is no different!

How do you feel when you have pulled a muscle, have fatigued muscles or pinched feet from uncomfortable shoes?

Well, your horse feels the same…

Equine massage assists to ease stress and tension, which accumulates in the soft tissues during physical activity. When minor injuries and lesions occur, due to over exertion and/or overuse, massage can assist in breaking them down quickly and effectively.

Equine massage identifies dysfunction in the muscles by use of fingers and hands, which occurs when muscle fibres are contracted/shortened. This may be as a result of overuse, over stretching, muscle sensitivity, injury or surgical procedures producing scar tissue, which causes tension in surrounding tissues. That small “knot” of tissue can shorten the muscle and it’s attachments making the rest of the muscle overwork and over stretch. A body, which is not working correctly causes unnecessary strain and deterioration. As with the human body, the less wear and tear on the body extends the athletic life.

Equine Massage helps you to prepare the Equine Athlete for peak performance by easing fatigue, relieving swelling, reduced muscle tension and assisting healthy muscles to stay healthy, flexible and pain free.