Django of Cacharel

It really does not matter if an athlete’s aim is a run around the block a few times a week to keep fit or to reach the very top of the game, it always goes better if they look after their body. When you do reach the top of your game however the effect of those little areas of tightness, the bit that is a bit sore after a particularly heavy program, or just allowing for the fact none of us are perfectly symmetrical, can have a major effect on performance. Our horses are no different. When we decided it was time to bring in the professionals to look after our Grand Prix stallion Django’s wellbeing we could turn to no other than Natalie Smith. Her depth of knowledge is just the start. It combines with an ability to tune into the horse’s needs as if they are talking to her. You see them soften under her hands and then take that renewed softness out into their work. We have certainly seen a marked improvement in Django’s suppleness since working with Natalie.

Lynn Jenkin
Tashkent Friesians

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