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I have known Natalie Smith for over 2 years now and first used her equine massage service to help one of our arab geldings recover after pulling up lame from a social endurance ride. Our horse responded well to the treatment and after a few massages and rest was on his way back to being sound. Natalie is always respectful and patient with our horses and shows us stretches and techniques that can help our horses in between treatments.

We have been so impressed with Natalie’s work that we recommend her to all our clients. We use Natalie’s services as part of our rehabilitation treatment on lamanitic and injured horses to release tense, sore muscles, reduce pain and speed up the recovery process. We also get our riding horses regularly massaged to ensure they are feeling great and ready to work.

We have hosted a few Introduction to Equine Massage and Saddle fit Clinics conducted by Natalie using our horses. At these clinics participants were able to learn basic equine massage and stretching techniques and  how to check for correct saddle fit. They were able to put what we learned into practice on real horses on the day which made it sink in and we always had positive feedback from everyone in attendance.

I highly recommend you let Natalie get her healing hands on your horse whether it be for help with a specific injury or just to make sure they are relaxed, supple and performing at their best.

Rae Eade
Eaden Equine Wellness Centre.
March 2017

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