My form of Equine Body Work uses a combination of modalities to support and enhance your horse’s well being. Having been trained by leaders in their field of Equine support I have been trained in a variety of massage techniques including Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. I have also trained to assess your horses saddle fit and supply suggestions for a better fit.

I am not a vet and therefore am not allowed to diagnose medical conditions. I am however able to confidently assess and evaluate your horse’s muscular system. Where veterinary treatment is required I am more than happy to work with your vet for your horses well being.

The following are some of the modalities, which I have studied.


Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of hands on techniques with benefits such as increasing circulation, range of motion, and overall performance. It relieves muscle spasms and tension and enhances muscle tone.

Trained by Debranne Patillo of Equinology Inc, I have gained skills, which allow me to assist our wonderful equine friends in their healing and prevention of injuries. More than just a one off course, my education with Debranne continues as I assist with the Equinology EQ100 and Advanced course when they are held in NSW.

Myofacial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) uses specific hands on techniques, which allows the collagen fibres to re-align in a pattern, which allows maximum strength and function.

In every day language Fascia is a thin tissue, which covers all the organs of the body including muscles and fibre. The muscle fibres and fascia shortens and becomes tight as a result of trauma. This trauma often results in the fascia with other parts of the body becoming uneven.  Myofascia Release as the name suggests, releases the tightness of the fascia.

Trained by Ruth Mitchell-Golladay (PT, MT, NCTMB) who instructed at the Barnes Institute with John Barnes (the developer of MFR), I am grateful for her encouragement and the opportunity to study with such a knowledgable person.  Ruth was wonderful when during my externship I took on a horse with injuries which were beyond my knowledge at that time. Her guidance via email and then on her next visit to Australia were invaluable and I am very grateful to her for this.

Cranoisacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light touch hands-on therapy to evaluate and balance the craniosacral and central nervous system. The Cerebral Spinal Fluid surrounds the brain and flows down the spinal column to the sacrum.

Trained by Gail Wetzler (PT) of the Upledger Institute. Gail has adapted the CranioSacral Therapy 1 and ShareCare Workshops which were created by John E Upledger (D.O.,O.M.M), for Equine use.

Saddle Fitting Consultation

It is vital for your horses comfort and performance that their saddle fits both your horse and you. I offer a consultation, which is free of industry marketing and gimmicks.  Explanation of what I am finding is provided as we evaluate your saddles fit both on and off the horse. I am also able to provide you with templates to take to your saddler for the re-stuffing of your current saddle or when on the hunt for your new saddle.

Trained by Dr Kerry Ridgway, DVM.  Kerry is internationally recognised for his 30 year background in endurance, competitive riding and Equine Sports Medicine. He was a founding member of the “International Association for Equine Sports Medicine” and he served many years as the chairman of the American Veterinarian Advisory Committee for the Amercian Endurance Ride Conference. He is certified in animal chiropractic by the “American Veterinary Chiropractic Association” and is certified in acupuncture by the “Veterinary Acupuncture Society”.



The above is but an outline of the styles I have studied. These modalities require many hours of education and practice to learn. In fact every horse is my teacher, so the learning is a continuing process. If you have any questions regarding my bodywork, please ask.

Education is the key and I have found that the more I know the more there is for me to know. With this in mind I am continuing to expand knowledge of my current modalities and am adding new modalities to my knowledge base. I look towards the leaders in the equine world for this knowledge.