Saddle Fitting

A correctly fitting saddle is vital to your horse’s performance and comfort. Many people underestimate the importance of the saddle fit to their horse and to their own riding position.

An incorrectly fitted saddle can cause such things as pressure points on our horses back; it can cause muscle problems, bad behaviour and shortened gaits.  The rider likewise can be affected by an incorrect saddle.  How many lessons have you had with the instructor saying to get your leg back? Have you ever stopped to think that the saddle is actually the cause for your “Chair Seat” and not your natural riding position? Many people are not aware that uneven stirrup bars, too big/small a seat etc will greatly affect your riding.

Do not be fooled by clever marketing. No one saddle will be able to fit every horse. Horses come in many different shapes and sizes, as do saddles and riders.  During a saddle fitting consultation, I will give you an unbiased opinion on a saddles fit. I evaluate saddles both on and off the horse, and not just in a standing position. You will be amazed at how a saddle fit changes once the horse is actually in motion.

I can give you templates to take with you when shopping for a saddle, which will assist you in selecting the correct saddle. Likewise, the templates can be taken to your saddler when having your saddle re-packed.

Not everyone can afford a new saddle. I am able to assist with advice to help your current saddle fit your horse better.

Please remember that a saddle fitting will only be correct for the shape of your horse at that point of time. Your horse will change shape through out his/her career, training and even the seasons. Regular saddle fitting and assessment is integral to the performance of your horse.