Natalie Smith has been treating Rosie (Joemoor Debutante) for several months. I am amazed at the difference her massage therapies have made to Rosie.

Rosie, being a young pony who has only been broken in for about 10 months, has been using muscles she previously has not used before in the process of building up her topline. Consequently she can become quite sore and stiff through her back and neck. Natalie has been amazing in restoring her suppleness and relieving this tension. The effects of this are dramatic and you can clearly see Rosie enjoying the pampering! I really like Nat’s holistic, natural approach and her obvious passion for the comfort of her equine clients. I would highly recommend Nat for any horse displaying any signs of discomfort or as a treat for your equine best friend!

Elizabeth Howard
Mingaletta Park