Natalie has been treating our 8 year old Morgan for coming up 2 years. He had been having issues with chronic muscle soreness and had not been able to work correctly. As a result he was starting to develop asymmetrically.  He has been having fortnightly massages with Natalie and what a difference it has made to him!   He is now able to stay in work consistently and to move correctly under saddle. He is also much much happier in his work as he is finally comfortable.

When Natalie first saw him he was quite nervous about the treatment but with Natalie’s patient and gentle technique he now loves his massages! We will continue to have Natalie treat our boy regularly because she really has made the world of difference to him. I cannot recommend her services highly enough and would definitely advise getting Natalie involved as a regular part of your horse’s care if you are struggling with chronic pain issues with your horse.





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